Al Bidda Park is located at the historical heart of Doha and was first documented in 1681.  Al Bidda area existed before Doha developed and included a rectangular fort, houses and industry associated with trading and pearl diving. Much of the local housing for the pearl divers were located in the Al Rumailah area which now sits at the heart of Al Bidda Park

Geographically, Al Bidda Park sits at the center of a sweeping bay. Offshore reefs protect the natural harbor from storms. The land rises to the rear and at its height, there are outcrops of sandy-colored Dolomitic Limestone. The strategic elevated position, as well as easy access to the shoreline for pearl fishing and trading was the likely reason why the first settlement was founded at this location.

Al Bidda and Doha rose together in prominence as a major trading port on the peninsula. By the middle of the Twentieth Century Doha took over in prominence and this allowed for redevelopment in the Al Rumailah area for a new park and Qatar’s National Theatre.

Following on from the development of West Bay the area of Al Bidda became ripe for redevelopment. A forward-thinking plan for a grand park linking the two areas of the city became reality and the result is the beautiful park that exists today.

However, if you look hard enough there are reminders of the old settlement of Al Bidda. The network of pathways in the park follows the routes of the old streets of Al Bidda and many still contain the original street names. There is also Al Bidda Tower which is a 2005 reconstruction of a watchtower built in the 16th Century. It was used to monitor pearl diving boats in the bay and also helped in repelling attacks.