Park Information

Park Rules & Regulations

Please enjoy the park whilst observing the following Rules & Regulations. The regulations are in place for your safety, for the enjoyment of everyone and to protect our beautiful park.

  1. Please show courtesy to others and do not intentionally or recklessly interfere with the safety, comfort or convenience of anyone using the park.
  2. Please always dispose of litter responsibly using the bins provided.
  3. Park facilities (toilets, prayer rooms etc.) must be kept tidy at all times. Any acts of vandalism will be reported to the police immediately.
  4. Please keep to the footpaths and lawns, do not climb trees or pick flowers/ damage the plants.
  5. Do not climb, damage or tamper with light poles, buildings, park furniture or any other structures and equipment in the park.
  6. Dog waste must be picked up, bagged and disposed of in the litter bins. dogs must be kept on a short lead at all times.
  7. No cycling is permitted except on expressly designated cycle routes only.
  8. Filming, photography and any other form of a recording must be for personal use only, while respecting the privacy of others. Commercial photography and filming are by prior approval from the park management.
  9. Noise in the park must be kept to a minimum. Unauthorized music, amplified musical instruments, sound systems, PA, cinematic productions, singing etc. are not permitted.
  10. Roller skating and skateboarding is permitted in cycle lanes only
  11. Smoking, as well as the use of shisha and e-cigarettes, are not permitted in the park.
  12. No high-powered remote-controlled toys e.g., model airplanes, boats, cars or drones are permitted at any time.
  13. No use of un-authorized motorbikes, ATVs, Segways, electric scooters or other mechanically propelled transport is permitted.
  14. Do not interfere with, or feed, the wildlife in the park.
  15. No open fires, barbeques or other forms of cooking are permitted outside of the designated barbeque grills. Barbeque grills must be booked in advance and their use is subject to the Park barbecue Guidelines. Users must not stay beyond their allocated time slot and must vacate the facilities if asked to do so.
  16. The use of glass bottles or any other glassware is not allowed in the park.
  17. The use of drones is not permitted.
  18. Camping or sleeping in the park overnight is not permitted.
  19. No unauthorized sports are permitted in the park without the written permission of the Park Management. Use of sports facilities is subject to booking and compliance with the terms of use.
  20. Do not access any area that has been closed for maintenance for your safety.
  21. For your safety, do not enter any of the fountains and water features.
  22. Contact the Park Management in advance regarding holding special events i.e., parties/ celebrations/ anniversaries.
  23. Large unauthorized gatherings will be asked to disperse and leave the park.
  24. No commercial activity of any kind is permitted without the written permission of the Park Management. This includes street trading, public performances, leafleting and sampling.
  25. Respectful attire must be worn at all times and the Park Management reserves the right to refuse admittance to any wearing unacceptable attire or to require that they leave the park or cover themselves more appropriately.
  26. The Management of the Park reserves the right to refuse entry to the Park. This includes the right to eject and exclude anyone for inappropriate behavior or failure to comply with the park rules.
  27. The Park Management is not responsible for any loss, damage and/ or injury whilst using the park. By entering the park, the park visitor agrees that they will assume all risks in respect of loss, damage and/ or injury to themselves or their property and of other people they are responsible for and furthermore that they shall be solely liable for any cost incurred by them arising out of such loss, damage and/ or injury.
  28. Any assistance including first Aid or medical treatment provided by the park management shall be discretionary and under no circumstances shall this be construed as an admission of liability by the park management for the loss, injury or damaged sustained, or the cost/ expenses incurred. The provision of such medical treatment or first Aid is provided in good faith but without the assumption of any liability

Playground Rules/ Guidelines

Please allow everyone to enjoy this playground by observing the following rules:

  1. Adult supervision – children must be accompanied by an adult at all times
  2. Keep it tidy – dispose of all your litter responsibly and the designated bins
  3. Safety first – this area is provided for use at your own risk
  4. No bare feet – please wear appropriate footwear at all times
  5. Be considerate to other users – no running, pushing or shoving
  6. Pet Free – animals are not permitted in the play areas
  7. Enjoy playing – but please do not use the play equipment improperly
  8. Help prevent accidents – remember that glass is not permitted anywhere in Al Bidda Park
  9. For children only- adults are not permitted to use play equipment except when supervising children
  10. Equipment must be used solely for the purpose it was created. Do not overload equipment that could lead to damage

For general inquiries please visit the Al Bidda Park Information Centre or call 44287777.

Barbeque Station Rules & Reservations

For your convenience, these grills must be booked in advance thru mobile app or website. When using the grills, please adhere to the following terms of use:

  1. Only the designated numbered grill allocated at the time of booking is to be used.
  2. The grill must be kept in its original position and not moved to under trees or near buildings.
  3. Please ensure safety by keeping children and pets away from the grill area and never leaving it unattended.
  4. Only the fixed grill can be used. Additional grills are not permitted in the park.
  5. Never use accelerants on the grill.
  6. Please use only recognized products on this grill such as charcoal starter fluid or a charcoal chimney starter.
  7. All litter and food waste must be bagged up and disposed of in a park bin.
  8. Please always leave the grill and surrounding preparation areas clean and in the way you would wish to find them.
  9. Please dispose of all fully extinguished charcoal, fats and food responsibly.
  10. The grill areas must be fully vacated by park closing time.

Sports Pitches and Courts Rules & Reservations

For your convenience, these sports facilities must be booked in advance  thru mobile app or website. When using the sports facilities, please adhere to the following terms of use:

  1. The sports facilities must be booked in advance and a fee paid. Anyone using the facilities must be able to demonstrate they have booked through the production of a receipt or confirmation email upon request.
  2. Use of the facilities without booking is not permitted.
  3. Unauthorized commercial use of the sports facilities is not permitted.
  4. Litter must be placed in the bins provided. Please leave the area in the way you found it.
  5. No food or glass is permitted to be brought onto the pitches/ courts, including chewing gum.
  6. Shirts and appropriate sports clothing must be worn at all times.
  7. Bicycles, rollerblades or skateboards are not permitted on the pitches/ courts.
  8. The facilities are only to be used for the purpose they are designed. Action will be taken against anyone found misusing or vandalizing the facilities.
  9. The sports facilities must be fully vacated by park closing time (By midnight) weekdays.  (2am Thursday – Saturday not applicable at the moment).
  10. Use of the pitches/ courts is entirely at your own risk.

Safety guidelines for cycle renting

The customers shall be informed about the park infrastructure and rules that
to be adhered in Park.

  1. Adhere to the park rules while using cycles in the park.
  2. The vehicle (cycle) only to be used in cycle track.
  3. The property and facilities of the park must be preserved while using cycles.
  4.  Prohibition of cycling in car parking’s and ramp.
  5.  Prohibition of cycle in lawns and jogging track.
  6. Prohibition of cycling in fountain wooden platform.
  7. Prohibition of cycle inside sport court, buildings and rest rooms.
  8. Prohibition of cycling in white stone and granite paved area.
  9. Prohibition cycling in live traffic roads (Especially in red roads and underpass).
  10. Maintain slow ride and avoid cycling especially in bridge slopes and uneven surface’s.
  11. Adherence to the capacity of cycle use (single seat or multiple seat), Prohibition of children’s, pets in basket of cycle unless its designated for intended use.

Opening Times & Info

Al Bidda Park is open daily from the 4am. Park closing times are:

  • Sunday – 12 Midnight
  • Monday – 12 Midnight
  • Tuesday – 12 Midnight
  • Wednesday – 12 Midnight
  • Thursday – 12 Midnight
  • Friday – 12 Midnight 
  • Saturday – 12 Midnight

Opening times may vary during summer period and public holidays. Details will be published or updated online.

Shops & Services




JAWAHER CAFE (Call 4001199 / 77910106)

Jawahar Restaurants, nestled in the heart of Al Bidda Park, combines Turkish cuisine with Mediterranean and Middle East delicacies to reflect the global, sophisticated and expanded palates of today. We welcome you to sit back, unwind and appreciate the lovely sights and hints of the ocean while our best gourmet expert sets you up a scrumptious food utilizing the best and freshest ingredients. WE PROMISE YOU THE BEST IN THE TOWN!


TEA TIME (Call 66158000)

Tea Time offers a variety of hot & cold beverages, wide range selection of sandwiches that are available for a quick grab and go.

PADELIER (CALL 77833747)

Padel Tennis, considered to be the most in-demand sports activity in Qatar, is located in Al Bidda section nearby the metro station, Padelier has a total of 4 outdoor courts facility specially equipped with a controlled temperature cooling system

For bookings and more information please call; 77833747.


BERG ARABIA Bikes 1 & 2 (Call 70011400)

Berg Arabia Entertainment is a bike rental shop offering a wide selection of quality bicycles that suits different age groups to help keep you and your family moving and engaged all day with sport and healthy mindset.

Whether you’re looking for entertainment, leisure, fitness or spending sometime chilling in the green surrounding, while enjoying the fresh air and cool breeze, we are always there to serve you.

We have 2 locations at Park:

  • Arumailah area, next to “Information centre” and “pick and save”.
  • Wadi Sail area, next to the “fire station” and football court.

For more details, please check


At Saikl Qatar you can rent a wide range of cycles to take a tour around the park with joyful and healthy peddling along with your family. Check more details on


Barkers & Mittens Pet Boutique is a unique pet-centric destination that offers Luxury Pet Hotel, Dog self-grooming for kids, Mobile pet grooming for cats and dogs, Doggy day-care, pet food and selected pet goods.


Barkers & Mittens Dog Park is Doha’s first off-leash dog park, and has been created to allow your dogs to socialize with other dogs in a safe, healthy and engaging space, not hindered by being held on the leash.

Located in leafy Al Bidda Park, your dogs also benefit from being out in nature, something very rare in any urban environment.

The Dog Park is free to use for you and your dog, and features numerous obstacles where your dog can play and meet other dogs.

Barkers & Mittens Dog Park wishes all visits to be safe and fun, so we ask everyone to abide by the published rules at all times. Safe play is fun play – for dogs and for humans. Can’t wait to see you here soon.


ForFit ladies is an exclusive ‘women-only fitness club and gym located in the heart of Al Bidda Park. Join us and choose from a healthy mix of fitness programs and classes by experienced and certified trainers for weight loss, Yoga, Zuma, martial arts and much more

amora pizza (call 70712837)

Amora Pizza uses the freshest & highest quality ingredients to create tasty food each and every day. We invite you to dine with us at Al Bidda park branch






Sports Booking information

Al Bidda Park contains varieties of sporting facilities spread across the three park zones. All of the sports facilities in Al Bidda Park must be booked thru  mobile app or website.

Our current bookable sports facilities consist of:

  • Football 5 aside – 1 pitch
  • Tennis – 4 courts
  • Volleyball – 2 courts
  • Basketball – 2 courts
  • Artificial grass football pitch – 2  pitches
  • Padel Tennis – 4 courts


2023 Pricing Schedule
Sport Price    
Tennis 50    
Volleyball 150    
Basketball 150    
Big Football (artificial grass) 350    
Football 5 aside 225    


If you are visiting Al Bidda Park with children, make sure not to miss and stop by one of the play areas that surely going to be the kid’s favorite place in the Park. There are 8 total play areas in different locations around the park. At all times, for safety reasons, children must be under supervision while in play areas.

  • Al Bidda Area Total of 3 play areas
  • Al Rumailah Area Total of 3 play areas
  • Wadi Al Sail Area Total of 2 play areas

Picnic & Gathering

Al Bidda Park is the perfect location to host an event. All events are open to the public to watch or participate in. Our Events guide will help you when planning your event as it provides the guidelines and fees for holding an event in the park.

Please download our online Picnic & Gathering Application Form for your gathering proposal and send it back by email to along with your QID copy (both sides). Permission for large picnic events and gatherings requires 2 weeks to process. All permission for events is on a first-come, first serve basis so please contact us as early as possible.

For more information about the fees, please contact us at or call our Information Center +974 4428 7777

Please download our online Birthday Application Form if you need to request a birthday party in Al Bidda Park and send it back by email to along with your QID copy (both sides).

For more information about the fees, please contact us at or call our Information Center +974 4428 7777


Activities in Parks Corniche and Beaches (

If you are interested in holding a large event in Al Bidda Park, please contact us at


We hope that these FAQ’s help you with any inquiries you may have relating to Al Bidda Park. If you still have a question, please contact us by email, visit the Information Centre or call 44287777.

Maps of the park are displayed at each of the main park entrances. Leaflets are available from the car parks and Information Centre. Areas of the park may be temporarily closed off for works or events. If in doubt, please speak to security.

There are several sports pitches and courts that can be booked in Al Bidda Park. Please visit the Park Information Centre or Command Centre for more details. Remember that unauthorized sports are not permitted. Commercial activities such as personal training and coaching are by permit.

Litter bins can be found throughout Al Bidda Park. Please help us to keep the park looking clean and tidy by placing all litter in the bins provided or by taking it home.

The best place to park your vehicle when visiting is in one of the six purpose-built underground car parks. These are conveniently located around the edge of the park and are signposted from the road.

There are cycle lanes running throughout the park. Cycles are also available to hire within the park. If you are cycling in the park please use the cycle lanes and follow the safety precautions. Please be considerate to other park users.

Al Bidda Park contains a number of buildings for food and drink including a restaurant in Wadi Al Sail, three cafes and a number of refreshment kiosks. There is also a range of shops where you can buy food and drinks, toys and souvenirs. Please check the website for an up-to-date list of which businesses are currently open.

Filming and photography are permitted for personal use. Please avoid filming and photography in the children’s play areas. Commercial filming and photography is by permit only. Please contact the Information Centre for more details.

Al Bidda Park is for everyone’s enjoyment. Therefore, please keep noise to a minimum. We ask that you don’t use any personal PA systems, amplified music or other sound systems in the park.

Commercial activity in the park is not permitted except when approved in writing by The Park Management. This includes selling any item, giving out leaflets, sampling or other promotional material. For leasing inquiries please call 40341888 or email

We ask that all visitors to the park dress respectfully in accordance with the traditions and customs of Qatar.

We are pleased that you want to hold your celebration in Al Bidda Park. However,  to manage the park for everyone’s enjoyment we ask that you contact us for permission at least seven days in advance. You will also have to adhere to our rules around holding a small event in the park.

For the comfort and convenience of everyone using Al Bidda Park, we ask that you do not smoke or use shisha in the park. The use of Shisha is prohibited in all areas of Al Bidda Park.

Barbeques, open fires and gas stoves are not permitted as they can be dangerous and damage the park. Instead, we have installed fixed barbeque grills in various locations around the park. Use is in accordance with the Al Bidda Park Barbeque Guidelines.

Well behaved dogs are allowed in the park. Please keep dogs on a short lead at all times and clean up after them immediately.

Sleeping or camping is not permitted in any area of Al Bidda Park. Tents and gazebos are not permitted for use in the park.

Al Bidda Park has a dedicated golf cart service for visitors with limited mobility. These can be found across the park. However, if you are unable to find one, please contact the Information Centre on 44287777

We hope that you enjoy your visit to Al Bidda Park. If you would like to contact the Park Management Team please visit the park Information Centre. Alternatively, contact us by Tel: 44287777, Email: or by filling out an Enquiry Form.

Health & Safety

We at Al Bidda Park are committed to providing safe, effective and supportive services. We believe that our visitors are our most important asset, as such we strongly recommend that the public must abide by the rules and procedure provided by MOPH with regards to COVID-19. For more details, please click on the link below.

Occupational health and safety policy

Park Map

To help you plan your visit to Al Bidda Park, please click on the link to the park wayfinding map.

Vehicle Access

A vehicle access permit must be obtained before driving inside the Al Bidda Park, please download, fill-up and get approval.

Procedures for obtaining the Vehicle Access Approval:

  1. Download & Fill out the Form (Daily, Weekly or Monthly).
  2. All Permits must be applied at least 48 Hours before the required Permitted Access Time. Permits to be used during the weekend (Friday & Saturday) must be applied at least 72 Hours in advance.
  3. Ensure the Valid Driver’s License and Valid Vehicle Estimara is attached with the permit.
  4. Applications are processed every Sunday to Thursday, 8:00 am until 2:00 pm only.
  5. Sign & Send the filled out permit along with the attachments to

Download Form