Al Bidda Park contains modern underground parking across the three park areas. Each car park is within easy reach of the park facilities The car parks are located as follows:

  • Arumailah Zone – Al Corniche North & Al Corniche South (Al Corniche Street)
  • Al Bidda Zone – Al Bidda West (Al Rayyan Road) & Al Bidda South (Al Aqsa Street, Corniche)
  • Wadi Al Sail Zone – Wadi al Sail North & Wadi Al Sail South (Al Istiqlal Street)

Al Bidda Park Car Parking Charges are:

First Hour 2QR
Second Hour 2QR
Third Hour 3QR
Fourth Hour 3QR
Five hours or more 4QR (for each hour)
Maximum Day Charge 70QR